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ADIPEC 2023 | Interwell


2nd-5th October
Hall 4, Stand 4110

Ready to Navigate Gas Lift Challenges?

Find Your Pathways to Efficiency and Retrofit Success

Want to install or retrofit a gas lift system while avoiding recompletion?

Then be sure to visit us at in Hall 4, stand 4110. Here you can discover cutting-edge gas lift technologies designed to address the following industry hurdles:

  • Elevating pressures/temperatures and hostile, scaly environments
  • Well integrity concerns
  • Detecting multipointing issues
  • Retrofitting or upgrading existing gas lift systems without recompletion
  • Minimizing well interventions

Our qualified gas lift solutions tackle these issues, delivering reliability, adaptability, and long-term performance.  This is done by adopting a unique life of field approach to optimise your gaslift design and ensure sustained success.

ADIPEC 2023 | Interwell
Visit us in Hall 4, stand 4110

Don't just hear about it—experience it firsthand!

Get up close with our cutting-edge gas lift technologies and find out more about future developments.

Don’t miss out on your chance to reduce costs, minimise disruption and elevate well performance.


ADIPEC 2023 | Interwell

Retrofitted Multi-Run Straddle System

Learn how a major operator in Qatar isoloated extensive leaks and reinstated their Gas Lift Fucntionality. 

Optimise Production, Safety and Reduce Emissions 

Completion & Wellhead Solutions

Meet Expert Engineers

Do you want to expand your knowledge of how to optimise production from your existing wells, increase safety and reduce emisssions?

This year, for the first time PTC and Iconic will join forces with us in hall 4, stand 4110.

Come and meet our team of expert engineers and knowledgable sales personell to learn about how you can benefit from our growing product portfolio. 

ADIPEC 2023 | Interwell

If you are seeking fast, safe and reliable completion efficiency, one of our Completion experts, Jarle Oaland, will be available to demonstrate and discuss how the IRBV glass barrier plug is a crucial addition to your interventionless completion operations.

  • Install the IRBV with flow bypass open across the glass enabling fluid displacement and bullheading
  • Seamlessly switch to a gas-tight ISO qualified barrier by remote closure, enabling packer setting and pressure testing
  • Prepare for production commencement and future intervention with ease by remotely shattering the glass for a fullbore ID

Connect with Jarle here

ADIPEC 2023 | IRBV | Interwell
Avoid Downtime With

Cost & Carbon Reducing Intervention Solutions

Integrity management is key to sustaining and optimising production and avoiding unplanned downtime over the lifespan of a field.

Discover a range of innovative applications that can enhance and improve well integrity in oil, gas and geothermal wells. 

  • Annulus Isolation
  • Barrier Monitoring
  • Completion Repair
  • Production Optimisation/Enhancement
  • Temporary P&A
  • Well Integrity Verification

If you need to re-establish well integrity, want to unlock revenue potential and extend the life of your well join us at ADIPEC to find out more.

ADIPEC 2023 | Interwell
Maximise Confidance in Your

Plug & Abandonment Operations

With an increasing focus on well integrity and netzero targets for 2050 perhaps your looking to maximise confidence in your P&A operations and control your costs?

Look no further than our tried and tested RockSolidTM barrier. It’s the only Plug and Abandonment solution that is run rigless in a single trip, using fewer resources and unprecedented material quality. 

Whether you need to temporarily or permanently P&A a well, our product portfolio has a solution for every phase of plug and abandonment.  From traditional P&A methods including our Permenant Plug which we can customise to your needs, the Iconic iDT for continuous integrity verification or our revolutionary RockSolidTM barrier.

ADIPEC 2023 | RockSolid | Interwell
Where to Find Us

Visit us in Hall 4, Stand 4110

This year PTC and Iconic will be exhibiting together with us us in Hall 4, alongside our collaboratoring partner VisionIO.
ADIPEC 2023 | Interwell


Our friendly and deeply knowledgable teams from across the Middle East and Norway are looking forward to welcoming you.
Steve Ross Senior Area Manager, MENA
Harald Førdedal
Harald Førdedal Business Line Manager Intervention & P&A, MENA
Ammar Tahir Business Line Manager, Completion, MENA
Jarle Oaland VP Sales & Business Development, Barrier Flow Control
Timo Jokela VP Business Development, PTC
Douglas McLennan Business Line Manager PTC Solutions
Arild Stein Global PLM Customised Solutions
Arild Helleren
Arild Helleren VP Sales & Business Development PTC